It is a finish similar to the traditional bush-hammered. It gives to the granite a delicate rough and uniform texture. It enhances the natural shade of the stone.It is obtained by throwing stainless steel blast upon the surface of the stone.


The flamed it is a rough finish with a vitrified look. It gives the stone a high protection against weathering. It is obtained by applying high temperatures on the granite’s surface.


It is the perfect finish to achieve shining and smooth surfaces. This technique gives the stone a greater resistance against external agents.


It is the most natural finish of the granite, because it has the natural roughness of the material after being extracted from the quarry.It is obtained by breaking the stone by mechanical pressure.


It is a finish that leaves the surface smooth and very porous. It gives the stone a matt finish and a whitish tone. It is obtained by using thread or diamond discs.


It is a treatment that is achieved by flaming the granite and later smoothing with diamond-coated cepillos. The result obtained is a surface of rustic appearance and soft touch, valid even for interiors.